Bolivian Interlude

Driving over rocky terrain in a Jeep for three days lends itself to a good soundtrack.  In fact, it requires one.  My new friends Olly, Sarah, Tom, our always-calm-and-collected driver Marin, and I rotated our iPods hourly to create an eclectic and memorable musical backdrop to the most beautiful scenery in the world.  Here are a few of those songs, and some more pictures.  Enjoy!

I called shotgun.

“Pretender” – Foo Fighters

Oh, Olly.

“I’ve Been Everywhere” – Johnny Cash

Kicking up dust.

“Fake Empire” – The National

And finally, my favorite.  Over the past through months, across half a continent, this song has burrowed its way into my heart and will always inhabit a special place there.  It’s also one of my favorite music videos of all time.

“Latinoamérica” – Calle 13

Olly, Sarah, and Tom cozied-up in the Jeep.


  1. Ah I wish I got to head to the Bolivian Salt flats while I was down in Peru (yep, back already 😦 ). Always wanted to go there, and now I’m wishing I was able to get a helluvah lot more time off work. How did you like Buenos Aires? I absolutely love Argentina. Bariloche is better if you ever get a chance to head into Patagonia down there.

  2. I love the National, twin. “Slow Show” is a beautiful song. Go on Hype Machine and search for the two brand new songs by the National: “Rylan” and “I Need My Girl.” They are affectionate, smooth, and very National-y. I have a feeling you’ll love them.

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