A walk through the Old City

I’ve run out of words for the time being.  Hopefully I’ll recover them at the Carneval in Barranquilla this weekend.  Until then, enjoy this photo tour of the Old City in Cartagena.

La Torre del Reloj (the Clock Tower), my favorite meeting spot for friends.

Passing beneath the clock tower

El Portal de los Dulces (sweets)

The prettiest drug store I've ever seen

View of the Cathedral from the Governor's Palace

One of many posters offering cultural events in Cartagena. This one advertises a series on "essays for a perfect world."

Colombia appreciates curves.

"Public University: R.I.P. (Rest In Peace)"

Somehow I find this statue romantic, like a big bear hug.

These small portholes in the massive city walls are always inhabited by young people talking, studying, or (most often) kissing.

Teatro Heredia Adolfo Mejía

Another view of the theater

Las Palenqueras, who only smile for photos after receiving a tip

One of dozens of carriages in the old city

These quirky metallic statues are scattered throughout Cartagena. This one, a pirate, stands in front of the Naval Museum.

Large scary weapons in front of the Naval Museum (shows how much I know about military history).

The face I come home to at the end of the day.


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  2. Meghan, I have discovered your blog through the lovely Roxanne and am absolutely enamoured with your Cartagena shots. The colours seem to pop right out of them.

    • Thanks so much Niki! I’ve always thought you could take a picture of a garbage can in Cartagena and it would come out looking magical. It’s one of the most photogenic places I’ve ever been!

  3. chiefmadapple

    Wow, I expected the colours but was stunned by how beautiful the architecture actually is. And a great punch line to end the day. I salute all dog lovers 🙂

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