Gratitude and Giveaways

SpringTimeI greeted last spring in Austin, Texas with someone I loved very much.  That trip feels like a memory of a past life, given how much has changed since then.  From Switzerland to Israel, Russia to Colombia, and finally landing in Georgia.  Euphoria to heartbreak to disorientation to fulfillment, and just about everything in between.

Along the way, there’s been at least one constant in my life, and that has been Soulshine Traveler.  Writing here has cushioned the falls and sweetened the victories.  It has required me to organize my thoughts, my words, and my photographs. To find patterns,  dig into emotions, and lean into discomfort.

A few days ago, Soulshine Traveler gained its 3,000th follower.  In celebration of the awesome community we have all built within this site, I’d like to return the love and give a few gifts.

First, a gift of three books to a random reader!  


Follow the steps below before April 10 to become eligible:

1.  Submit a comment below explaining what has been your favorite post on Soulshine Traveler (or story, or photograph, or any aspect of the site that you’ve enjoyed).

2.  Follow this blog via WordPress or by email updates, if you haven’t already.

3.  Follow me on Twitter @thesoulshines.

Secondly, I’d like to give a gift to my most communicative and supportive followers, as measured by number of all-time comments.  I will reveal the top commenters and the gifts they’ll receive on April 10.

Again, April 10 is the big day.  So good luck, comment away, and thank you for all of your support and love!


  1. L’ha ribloggato su Sandglovee ha commentato:
    Vorrei avere il coraggio di buttarmi in un’esperienza come quella che ha vissuto questa ragazza americana. E’ ciò che ho sempre voluto e quando mi libererò dalle catene della vita comune sarò, finalmente, felice.

  2. Niki

    As you know, I started following your blog fairly recently and have enjoyed every single post for a different reason each time (mainly the insight into places I haven’t been to myself). However, a common denominator has been that I am a sucker for all the beautiful and colourful photographs you post. 🙂

  3. Meghan it’s been a wonderful journey following your journey! You will be hearing from me soon as I embark on my next journey – Colombia in a few days! Sending some light, love, and positivity your way. Quite honestly, my blog has become a huge part of my life now and I can just imagine you with yours!

    • Antoinette, how I envy you! I wish I could visit Colombia for the first time again, with fresh eyes. I will be faithfully following along on your journey. Soak in every moment of it, and don’t spare us any details!

  4. What a terrific idea! and congrats on your 3000 folloowers – that’s an achievement & a testament to the quality of your posts. As for me, I only discovered you in your Russian phase, but have loved seeing the country thru your eyes (ditto the Georgia section) because I’ll never managed to get to these countries, but can at least enjoy a taste via your blog. Keep on blogging, keep on travelling – we’re right there with you.

    • Alison, thank you for the very kind words! I’ll keep hope out that you’ll get to this part of the world some day (or it not, please do yourself and find a Georgian restaurant in your area; food is half the Georgian experience (and wine might be the other half)). Thanks you for your support as always!

  5. Su

    My favourite post was “I found my soulmate” for so many reasons……It was the first post I had the courage to respond to as it connected deeply to my own experiences of cities. The way you described it, I could see it and smell it and taste it so much so that I wanted to go there, right at that moment. The pictures were beautiful and vibrant and the whole story connected with my own feelings about my ‘soulmate’ which is my mothers home town in Italy. Congrats and thank you Meghan.

    • Su, reading this makes me so happy. I wanted to write about Moscow in a way that would bring me back there while reading it a year or ten years from now, when the memories have faded. Thank you for your always kind words and for supporting me along the way!

    • Anna, you have VIP status, don’t worry. 😉 I really enjoyed writing both of those, although I have to admit they were among the most challenging ones to get down on paper. Miss you and hope all is well!

  6. 3,000 followers?! Wow, congrats!! My favorite part of your site is your writing — I think you are so gifted and have such a way with words, it’s incredible that you work in finance and not journalism! I always look forward to your posts in my email because I know I’m in for a literary treat 🙂

    • Thank you for the very sweet words, Edna. Funny enough, I always manage to find ways to do tons of writing at work (though it’s usually more about credit risk than my emo-traveling). 😉 Thanks for your support!

  7. Dear Soulshine Traveller
    I’m the author of Barefoot Bliss on WordPress and I’ve just returned home from a similar trip with someone I love very much to find that everything I thought I knew has changed, and that I have to start my life over again. Writing has always been my best therapy so it’s very encouraging to hear you say what a comfort Soulshine has been for you. It’s very early days for me (day 5 to be exact) and at the moment I can’t bring myself to continue with my blog, but I’m hopeful that in time my happy memories won’t bring me so much pain.
    I have only recently started following your blog, but I’ll be sure to read on. Here’s to our words, our travels, to love and to hope.
    Barefoot Bliss x

    • Barefoot Bliss, my heart goes out to you reading this. I am so sorry to hear you are hurting. There’s very little I or anyone else can say to console you right now, I’m sure, but do continue writing, if only in a journal. Get it all out onto paper, a thousand times if necessary. And don’t hesitate to email me if you ever want to vent, chat, bang on your keyboard, etc.:

      Here’s to love and hope, indeed.

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