And the winner is…


I’m so happy to say that Rosie of barefootbliss is the winner of the celebratory book giveaway!  Please pay a visit to her blog and send her lots of love.

As promised, my top commenters will also receive a gift.  They can choose their favorite from among the books above.  I also happen to be a huge fan of their writings, photographs, and personalities.  Send them some love too!

Nicole of Thirdeyemom

Ceri of Not in the Pink

Alison of Despatches From Timbuktu

Su of thebluecoast

Winners:  I will contact you via your blogs to coordinate gifting.  Thank you so much for your support, I appreciate you all so much!


  1. I genuinely thought I’d left my thanks on her, Meg, so I’m so so sorry for being so late with this! Received the book and have already read it. Thank you so much!

  2. Hey, Meghan – thanks for the kind words – in recent days I’ve had new subscribers & wondering why? because I’m still officially AFK, even tho’ I’m back home, & diplomatic relations have been re-established between me and my feline. My return home was clouded by fact that my laptop was exchanged in a mix-up on the flight. Moral of story: ALWAYS tag your baggage, no matter what it is and for goodness sake : insure everything! Fortunately the other laptop owner & I managed to track each other down and the exchange happens today – phew!

  3. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this! Thank you Soulshine…you’ve prompted one of my first genuine smiles in weeks. Looking forward to getting stuck into my new books, and also pleased to see your recommendations of other great travel blogs to follow.
    Rosie of barefootbliss xx

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