1. Such great photos! how would you rate this experience? Planning to go to Turkey for my honeymooon and I am collecting as much information as possible before that:)
    Would greatly appreciate your opinion!

  2. travltails

    Cool looking bazaar! I will have to put it on my hit list! My family and I have just started planning our year long RTW trip. Your pictures are really inspiring us!

  3. I was going to write something about the Grand Bazaar, but I chanced upon yours. Never in a million years will I be able to do justice… great photos! I’m an amateur so I’ve been walking around taking pictures with my phone! Did you buy anything from the Bazaar? I bought a lamp and had the pleasure of protecting throughout the rest of my trip.

  4. Ahh finally you’ve made it to Istanbul! 🙂 I can’t wait for more pictures and stories from the city. It feels like yesterday that I walked down the alleys of the Grand Bazaar.

    • Thanks pushandreset! Yes, I did buy a few things. No lanterns, sadly… I couldn’t have packed them, nor would I know how to hang them in my little apartment in Tbilisi. I bought a nice leather bag embellished with traditional Turkish carpet pieces, and a few other trinkets. And of course, turkish delights, pistachios, and a few evil eyes.

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    • I did, Alison! No lanterns or pashminas sadly, but a nice leather bag decorated with pieces of handmade Turkish carpet, some cool shoes, and lots of edible goodies. More stories to come soon!


    Tolerance and beauty of this country would like to invite everyone to Turkey, I’m sure will be the most wonderful experience in your life

  7. Really amazing photos. I’ve been here as well and loved it. These photos do it justice. I’ve reblogged this over on Take Ya There and am now following your site. Cheers!

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