Carpet shopping

Some things I saw on a casual Saturday in Tbilisi, accompanying two Swedish visitors as they shopped for Georgian carpets in the Old City.


P1120094 P1120098 P1120102 P1120103 P1120104

P1120105 P1120106 P1120107 P1120108 P1120109

P1120111 P1120112 P1120114 P1120115 P1120116

P1120117 P1120118 P1120119 P1120120 P1120121

P1120123 P1120124 P1120125 P1120126 P1120127

P1120128 P1120130 P1120131 P1120132 P1120134

P1120135 P1120137 P1120139 P1120140 P1120142


A message next to the church.


“I would invite you to stop by for a drink, but I’m afraid you’ll say yes.”

P1120148 P1120149 P1120150 P1120151 P1120152 P1120154 P1120156

P1120157 P1120158 P1120159 P1120168 P1120169


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  2. Lovely pics! I did something similar in Tunisia years ago and walked away with a small-ish carpet for £350. I’m sure I got ripped off but it’s still as vibrant today as it was the day I saw it – and I love it! Any mint tea offerings here or apple tea or any of those fun carpet seller techniques to woo the buyer? 🙂

    • No, though I did experience plenty of that in Turkey! Georgians are not keen salespeople, by design. I think they view it as being opportunistic and stingy. So instead, you get lukewarm service, but good prices. I think my friends managed to walk away with something for about $350.

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