• Glad you like it, Chambrey! I do really enjoy working in microfinance. It’s a nice change from traditional financing and banking (in terms of mission… you’d be surprised how similar the day-to-day work actually is).

      I’d be happy to send you an email with info on different organizations and internships that I know of. Drop me a line! meghan.johnson16@gmail.com

  1. Olivia

    Hi! I’m a new travel blogger and happened across your blog – I think it’s so great that you’re involved in microfinance! I’m still in college, but want to pursue international development when I graduate. I just finished a microfinance research program this summer in the Dominican Republic and it was AMAZING to say the least. I’d love to talk to you more about your experiences in microfinance and I look forward to following your travels!


  2. Juliana Selem

    Great photos, Meghan!
    Could you tell me where is the location of the fountain with the lips sculpture?
    I’ve lived in Paris for a month and never saw that place! So unique!

    • Thanks Juliana! These quirky fountain is right next to le Centre Pompidou, actually. If you are facing the front (I assume the side with the best view and the open court is the front), walk to the right of the building, and you’ll find this very artsy fountain.

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