Dublin Rambling

I hope that those of you who celebrate it had a fun and relaxing Memorial Day weekend with your loved ones!  I got my first hint of sunburn and ate far too much potato salad.  I’ll call that a success.

I realized that I still had a few photos to share from my trip to Ireland.  We only spent one day in Dublin, but we managed to hit our two main objectives:  The Book of Kells in Trinity College, and the Guinness Storehouse.  I am proud to say that I am now officially certified to pour (and drink) the perfect pint.

Ireland phone pics 206

Trinity College

Ireland phone pics 207

Trinity College

Ireland phone pics 208

I wasn’t allowed to take photos of the actual book, so this is my proof that I was somewhere in the vicinity of the Book of Kells.

Ireland phone pics 209 Ireland phone pics 211 Ireland phone pics 212

Guinness galore!

Guinness galore!

Ireland phone pics 215 Ireland phone pics 218 Ireland phone pics 224 Ireland phone pics 226 Ireland phone pics 227 Ireland phone pics 228 Ireland phone pics 237 Ireland phone pics 239

Photos taken on my Samsung Galaxy.


  1. I came across your blog, and I absolutely love it! I have recently started my own food and travel blog, and you have truly nailed what I hope to accomplish. Follow me to check it out, let me know your thoughts, and finally…keep writing!!! You’re great at it 🙂

    -A Wandering Casiedilla

  2. I did these exact two things ten years ago during a week-long exchange trip in Dublin! I need to go back though. It was before Iphones/digital cameras were a thing and my memories are very vague. Great pictures.

  3. Ha! Proper Irish. 😀 I’d genuinely never really thought of going to Ireland before. I was all “Meh, it’ll be the same as Wales, England and Scotland” but the more I read about it on here, the more I quite fancy taking a trip over.:D

  4. I have fond (fun…!) memories Dublin. My trip there was actually a part of the Irish writers class I took while studying in the UK. It turned out to be less of a class trip and more of a “let’s find pubs where famous Irish writers used to frequent and drink Guinness with the prof just like they used to!” Love that city 🙂

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